Tessa McMillan


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Robbers, Outlaws Adventure, Archery, Middle Ages, Great Britain, History

Document Type

Book Review


Ellie and her League of Archers have been fighting against Lord de Lays by providing a haven for destitute villagers affected by his tyranny. With no other choice, the League begins stealing from the rich to help the forest refugees. One of Ellie’s stealing adventures goes horribly wrong when she witnesses King John’s murder, a plot devised by de Lays to take over the throne. Luckily, de Lays’ son, Stephen, helps Ellie escape and then later begs to join the League. Ellie reluctantly agrees, and Stephen’s presence begins to splinter the League’s tight knit bond. Later, the League hears that the crown jewels are coming their way. When they holdup the royal party, no jewels are found, but a young boy is. A mob of de Lays men begins killing off the royal guards. The League rescues the boy, Henry, but they later find out he is heir to the throne. Keeping Henry safe, the League works together to thwart de Lays plans and get Henry back on the throne.