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If Wendell Had a Walrus


Sydnee Burr


Outstanding, Primary, Walrus; Pet; British; England; Imaginary Friend; Animals; Mammals; Marine Life; Sea

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Book Review


Dreaming of getting a pet, Wendell sets his sights on a walrus. He just knows if he could find a walrus, it will make the best pet! Finding a walrus proves to be trickier than he imagines. The pet store doesn't sell them. Wendell decides the only thing to do is to write his future pet walrus a letter, throw it into the sea in a bottle, and wait. While sitting on a rock and waiting for his new best friend to swim to shore, Wendell meets another boy who has the same idea, but for a pet whale. They wait together. Soon they start telling jokes and playing games. The two boys discover they don't need pets to have a great time, they only need a great friend.