Article Title

I Am Drums


Katelyn Osborn


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, friendship, music, families, drumming, middle school, secrets

Document Type

Book Review


Sam just can’t stop drumming. She drums on her notebook during classes, on her one lonely drum in symphonic band, and on her desk drum set after school when she’s supposed to be doing her homework. She’s constantly dreaming about the day her parents will buy her a drum set. Unfortunately, that doesn’t look like that’ll happen anytime soon, since her dad’s job doesn’t pay as much as it used to. If Sam wants lessons she’ll have to pay for them herself, so she comes up with a plan to make enough money to take private drum lessons. But her parents can never know, which leads to a lot of lies and secrets. Sam would love to come clean with her family and share her passion for rhythm, but once she starts telling lies, it becomes difficult to stop.