Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Mouse, Personification, Courage, Hotel, Animals, Home, Fitting-In

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Book Review


Mona's house is swept away in a storm. The homeless mouse wanders looking for a new home until she comes to the Heartwood Hotel. Mr. Heartwood offers Mona a place to spend the night in exchange for helping the maid, a squirrel named Tilly. Tilly is not happy about it, but comforts herself that it is only for one night. In the morning Mr. Heartwood offers Mona a position through the fall and Tilly is dismayed again. Mona soon feels at home among the employees and guests and even saves the hotel from a sleepy bear with her courage and quick thinking. The tension between Mona and Tilly escalates into a final disagreement that sends Mona running away in tears. She discovers a pack of wolves who plan to attack the Heartwood Hotel on First Winter's Eve. Mona returns to the hotel and uses an ingenious plan that involves a certain sleepy bear. She saves the Heartwood Hotel, her friends, and the First Winter's Eve festival! Tilly apologizes and they become friends.