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Good Rosie!


Karen Abbott


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Dog, Pet, New Experiences, Friendship, Making Friends

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Book Review


Rosie is a sweet little terrier who lives alone with her master and she is mostly content, but she doesn't have any friends. One day while walking Rosie through the park, her master decides to try the dog park. At first Rosie is put off by a giant St. Bernard with somewhat startling drool habits and size. Then she feels uncomfortable around Fifi, a tiny breed in a rhinestone collar who seems a bit too jumpy and yappy. Just then the big old Bernard takes the entire little dog into his mouth and begins to shake her just like he did his toy! Rosie's master intervenes and rescues Fifi, who has lost a few sparkly stones on her collar so it now reads 'Fif.' Rosie demonstrates to both dogs how one should make friends and soon they are best friends who meet in the park every day.