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Emma Patton


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, friendship, single mother, gender identity, transgender, acting, secret, bullying

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Book Review


George has a boy’s body so everyone thinks she must be a boy, but her dream is to one day live life as the girl she knows she is. Her class at school is doing a performance of Charlotte’s Web and, even though the role of Charlotte is a girl’s part, George knows that she is meant to have the part. It could be the perfect way to show her family and friends who she really is and that it’s not as strange as they might think. But even if she doesn’t get the part, George knows that she can’t hide the truth of who she is forever. If she ever wants to be more than a not-quite-right boy, she needs to speak her truth and hope that the people she loves will hear her and help her to become who she dreams of being. With the help of her best friend, George finds the strength to fight to be who she knows she is inside.