Becca Wilhite


Significant Shortcomings, Intermediate, Young Adult, Paranormal; Romance; School; Supernatural; Friendship; Nightmares

Document Type

Book Review


Jessica Walsh and her friends, a team of teenage girls fighting off the near-constant stream of paranormal villains in their California town, come up against a demonic horse on the beach. When the residents of the town start experiencing night terrors, Jessica connects the bad dreams to the “night mare,” but that’s only the beginning of the supernatural mayhem. Haunted marionettes, a creepy clown, and landscape paintings showing people’s worst fears combine to unveil a threat around every corner. Several unexplainable murders fill the town with dread. At the city’s huge Day of the Dead party, the girls hunt down the source of the evil, and—at least for a while—the town of Nightshade is safe from threat.