Article Title

Dancing Home


Rachel Iba


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, realistic fiction, immigration, friendship, family, Mexican, American

Document Type

Book Review


Margarita (Margie) is proud of her American birth and is embarrassed by the Mexican culture of her parents. However, when her cousin Lupe comes straight from Mexico to live with them, Margie finds it impossible to ignore her Mexican heritage. Having Lupe in class is embarrassing. Margie is expected to help Lupe by translating for her, but she can't speak Spanish very well and just ends up more frustrated. Even at home, Margie's parents speak entirely in Spanish for Lupe, and Margie has a hard time understanding anything at home. Eventually, Margie recognizes Lupe's kindness and courage and is more willing to embrace her family’s Mexican traditions. The girls become as close as sisters and continue mixing their languages and cultures.