Jamie Greenwood


Outstanding, Primary, music, rock and roll, 1960s

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Book Review


Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel grow up in Queens just a few blocks from one another and go to the same schools. They meet in sixth grade in the cast of their school play, Alice in Wonderland. Artie has perfect pitch and a beautiful voice, and Paul plays guitar and masters his own voice. Together, Paul and Artie explore the world of music and find a perfect harmonic blend for their voices. Paul and Artie begin writing songs together and performing on the streets and at school. Later, they manage to be on TV under the name “Tom and Jerry,” performing “Hey Schoolgirl.” After going their separate ways for college, the boys meet up again, this time recording “The Sound of Silence,” which gains popularity until it is the number-one song in America. They begin writing more songs and releasing albums under the name of “Simon and Garfunkel” and perform in front of historically huge crowds.