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To Kill a Kingdom


Braxton Church


Excellent, Young Adult, Young Adult, Fantasy, Excellent, Sirens, Mermaids, Pirates, Ocean, Fairy Tale, Retelling, The Little Mermaid

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Book Review


In this retelling of The Little Mermaid, Princess Lira is the most feared siren in the kingdom under the sea. But when she kills a mermaid, her mother, the Sea Queen, turns Lira into a human. Now Lira must bring the Sea Queen the heart of Prince Elian, the captain of a ship of siren killers. When Lira joins Elian’s crew, she discovers that the prince has set out to discover an artifact that can kill all sirens. Lira stays with him to steal the artifact herself and overthrow her mother, but Lira and Elian grow close. When they find the artifact, Lira and Elian’s love and trust allow them to forge a new era of peace between humans and sirens.