Article Title

The Thing About Luck


Amanda Bishop


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Family, farming, Japanese Americans

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Book Review


Breaks from school are supposed to be fun, but for Summer it means traveling with her family as wheat harvesters across the country. Summer’s parents are in Japan dealing with a family emergency, so it’s just Summer, her grandparents, her brother Jaz, and her dog Thunder this harvest season. Summer is hoping that the family’s year of bad luck will soon come to an end, but before anything gets better, things are going to get worse. Both of her grandparents are dealing with sickness, her brother struggles with trying to fit in, and Summer is trying to keep everything together so that they can earn enough money to save their house. Summer finds her own personal strength and is able to use all of the knowledge and skills she has learned to help the crew complete their job so that her grandparents won’t be fired.