Erica Sonzogni


Excellent, Intermediate, summer, adventure, mansion, only child, sisters, dog, rabbits, vacation

Document Type

Book Review


What do four little girls, one dog and one boy have in common? They have a great summer together! The four Penderwick sisters, their father, and their dog rent a vacation home for three weeks in Massachusetts. They are excited to spend time together but do not realize that they are renting a portion of the Arundel Estate from Mrs. Tifton, a snobby, stuck-up woman who does not like children of any kind. Unfortunately, she has an only son, named Jeffrey, who the Penderwick girls befriend. Mrs. Tifton does not approve of the Penderwick girls, which leads to conflict and sneakiness throughout the summer. In the end, Jeffrey’s wishes are realized when he stands up to his mother and gets to study his passion instead of what his mother deems appropriate.