Article Title

The Hallowed Ones


Melissa Heaton


Dependable, Young Adult, Amish, Christian Life, Coming of Age, Bioterrorism, Terrorism, Communicable Diseases, Apocalypse, and Family Life

Document Type

Book Review


A peaceful, isolated Amish settlement is in danger after a mysterious contagion wreaks havoc in nearby towns, turning those infected into bloodthirsty vampires. In order to protect themselves, the Elders decree that no one enters or leaves the community. Katie, a spirited Amish teen, finds an injured young man named Alex outside the fence and hides the Outsider in her family’s barn. Unknowingly, someone lets vampires breach the fence and the monsters start a killing spree. Katie seeks the help of Alex and the town’s Hexenmeister to destroy the vampires. Eventually, the Elders discover the Outsider and banish Katie and Alex from the community, even though the world is still in chaos. There is uncertainty in her future, but Katie is hopeful as she leaves her family and all she has ever known behind.

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