Karen Abbott


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Science, Cure, Monsters, Dreams, Swords, Magic

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Book Review


Natalie is devoted to finding a cure for the bite of the Nala in Fourline. Unfortunate humans become partially Nala when bitten. After trial and error, Natalie believes that she has succeeded and becomes obsessed with returning to Fourline to deliver the cure. She acts against everyone's counsel and advice and sneaks through the membrane. Her sister Calpurnia follows her through. Nat is almost to the Healing House when she and Cal are attacked by a Nala. Nat runs into the forest to lead them away while Cal runs to deliver the serum. Nat is betrayed by a corrupt Sister and delivered to the Nala Queen. She escapes with help from her friends, and the full campaign to regain the throne is on. The battle rages on all fronts until Fourline is regained and the Nala Queen is killed. With Fourline safe, Nat and Cal return home, and Soris, Natalie's boyfriend, joins them on the farm.