Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Magic, Family, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance, Responsibility, Doing the Right Thing, Sisters

Document Type

Book Review


Natalie Barns goes to Sister Barba and discovers that she must return to Fourline and sever the head of the Nala monster who infected her. Sister Barba finishes Natalie's training and Nat goes back into Fourline as a full Sister. Nat, Soris, and their friend Annin find and behead the creature, but in doing so, they awaken the Nala Queen. When Natalie returns to the Healing House, she recognizes a woman in a painting as the crazed person that she met in the capitol's castle on her first visit to Fourline. This means that Estos' sister, the deposed Queen, is alive but under the control of an evil man known as The Chemist. Nat, Soris, Annin, and others set out to free the Queen. They succeed, but lose a member of the rescue party. Natalie now has a price on her head from The Chemist and a vengeful Nala queen in constant pursuit, which increases the threat to everyone. Natalie returns to college, but leaves her heart in Fourline with Soris.