Karen Abbott


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, College, Family, Financial Problems, Dreams

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Book Review


Natalie needs a new job. She is attending an Ivy League university on a partial scholarship but her father's recent injury and inability to work has put stress on the family finances. Between her cafeteria job and the effort to keep her grades up, Natalie is stressed and falling behind financially and scholastically. Luck is on her side when the costume director for the theater major hires her to help with her off-campus family business. The business is actually a front for a Gateway into a land called Fourline. The king of Fourline is hiding in this world until he is old enough to take back his throne and the rest of the odd crew in the costume shop are his entourage who escaped with him. They need Natalie to use her intelligence, speed, and courage to destroy a tracking system that keeps them from returning to their world. They make a financial offer that Natalie can't refuse. She crosses the barrier, falls in love, faces danger, and returns having completed her mission.