Article Title

The Art of Starving


Dependable, Young Adult, mental illness, high school drama, homosexuality, parent-child conflict, romance

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Book Review


For as long as he can remember, Matt has struggled with an eating disorder that consumes almost every thought. When his sister suddenly runs away, Matt finds himself in despair and is determined to take revenge on whoever hurt her. In doing so, Matt becomes friends with the high school heartthrob Tariq. Soon, this relationship blossoms from merely a friendship into a loving sexual relationship. Matt's relationship with his mother is strained as she turns to alcohol to dampen her feelings of loss from losing her daughter and her employment. Eventually, Tariq breaks up with Matt because of his eating disorder, and Matt has a psychotic break which lands him into treatment. This proves to be the best thing that could have happened, as he slowly overcomes his disordered eating habits and renews relationships with his family members, finding closure toward Tariq and his unknown father.