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The 12 Dares of Christa


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Christmas, mothers and daughters, divorce, European travel, dares

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Book Review


Christa is obsessed with Christmas. But when her parents suddenly announce that they’re getting a divorce and the family trip to Europe over winter vacation is now going to be a mother-daughter trip, Christa’s favorite time of year becomes tainted. Although this trip is an amazing opportunity, Christa is disappointed about spending the holiday season away from her dad and instead with a “kid tour” made up her mom’s coworkers’ children. However, Christa’s father surprises her with packages that include twelve dares to complete throughout the trip. As Christa is reminded how to embrace uncertainty through her scavenger hunt challenges, she finds new friends, reconnects with her parents, rediscovers her love of adventures, and enjoys memorable experiences throughout beautiful European landmarks.