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Love, Life, and the List


Excellent, Young Adult, change, self-realization, romance, military father, anxiety, high school, summer, art

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Book Review


A year ago, seventeen-year-old Abby Turner confessed her love to her best friend, Cooper, and it didn’t go well. As Abby strives to navigate through their friendship without making things weird, she realizes that maybe she can’t just pretend away her feelings. Meanwhile, Abby worries about her mother’s growing anxiety, which has worsened during her father’s long deployments overseas. Abby is blindsided once again when her paintings are rejected for inclusion in an art museum show, deemed technically proficient but lacking in heart. With the help of her mother and grandfather, Abby gives herself one month to do ten things, ranging from facing a fear to learning a stranger’s story to falling in love. As Abby sets out to change herself and how she views the world, she learns that life isn’t always as straightforward as it may first appear and it’s okay to allow things to change.