Article Title

How to Love


Meagan Andrus


Cannot Recommend, Young Adult, teen pregnancy, romance, disappearance, friendship, family, drugs

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Book Review


Reena and Sawyer have known each other their whole lives, and Reena has loved Sawyer for about that long. In high school, she pined after him, especially when her best friend began dating him. After a tragedy, Reena and Sawyer come together and fall deeply in love. Then one day, Sawyer leaves without telling anyone where he's going or when he'll return. Reena is left behind, newly pregnant and upset about the loss of a future she could have had. Nearly two years later, Sawyer returns and expects to be able to waltz back into Reena's life, just like that. Now Reena has to look out not only for herself, but for her baby daughter, Hannah. In the end, she has to decide if Sawyer is really a changed person who wants to be in their lives, or if he has remained the same immature boy she once knew him to be.