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Amanda Bishop


Excellent, Intermediate, Transgender, gender, identity, coming of age, friendship, bullying

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Book Review


George is the story of a young girl who, biologically, was born male. Everyone sees George as if she were a boy, but George knows that inside she is female. George sees her opportunity to let the world know who she really is inside when the school play is announced. She desperately wants to be cast as Charlotte in the upcoming school play, but her teachers and fellow classmates don’t think that a boy should play Charlotte. With the help of her best friend, Kelly, George devises a plan to show everyone that she can make a great Charlotte. She impresses everyone with her acting abilities and is the hit star of the play. George’s brother understands when she tells him that she thinks she’s a girl, but George’s mother is conflicted. It isn’t until George goes on an out-of-town trip for the day with Kelly that she gets to be the girl she always knew she was.