Article Title

Far From the Tree


Emma Patton


Excellent, Young Adult, Adoption; Teen pregnancy; Foster care; Families; Lesbian; Divorce

Document Type

Book Review


Grace, Maya, and Joaquin are three teenagers living independent lives. But when events in Grace’s life prompt her to start looking for her birth mother and possible birth siblings, she finds Maya and then Joaquin and breaks the news that the three of them have the same biological mother. Though the three siblings came this far in their life without knowing one another, they soon create strong family bonds and re-discover what it means to be a sister or a brother. The three are in a unique position: they will always be biologically related, but they have the opportunity to choose whether to stay in each other’s lives. As each of them faces their own unique battles, they are able to lean on one another for support and find that, sometimes, the family you choose is just as meaningful as the family that is chosen for you.