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Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Young Adult, Magic, Abuse, Escape, Mystery, Romance, Sisters, Island, Trust

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Book Review


Scarlett has longed to participate in Caraval for as long as she can remember. She has written to the host of Caraval each year with hopes of receiving tickets for herself and for her sister, Donatella. One day, with barely a week before her wedding, the Caraval tickets arrive. Scarlett is afraid to miss her wedding even though she has never met her groom, but Donatella tricks her into going. This year's Caraval game will separate the sisters and require both of them to be willing to sacrifice everything in order to win. The final prize is a wish for the winner. Scarlett races to reunite with Donatella, learning who to trust, how to trust, and how to love in the process of solving the clues in the game. In the end she discovers within herself the freedom she has always desired and that she cannot settle for a marriage not of her own choosing.