Erica Sonzogni


Excellent, Intermediate, animals, danger, dangerous, creatures, sharks, pythons, monkeys, moose

Document Type

Book Review


In 10 True Tales: Surviving Sharks, children have crossed paths with different creatures around the world and have traumatic experiences with each. The first chapter explains how fatal incidences with animals are extremely rare compared to everyday accidents or fatal encounters with the domesticated dog. Even so, this chapter explains that allowing animals to roam free in the wild, without being disturbed or harassed by humans, will ensure that these incidences occur less frequently. Each chapter thereafter describes a different animal and a story about how a child was badly hurt by that animal and the events that occurred before, during, and after the accident. At the end of some chapters, a scientist also explains why this animal, which rarely attacks humans, would do so to the child. Many facts are given about each animal and its habitat, along with what to do in the event that this attack would happen to others.