Robyn Lee


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Kate DiCamillo, Bagram Ibatoulliane, Tavel, Toy, Love, Friendship, Sickness, Sacrifice, Kindness, Journey, Doll, Charity

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Book Review


Edward Tulane is a china rabbit who belongs to a little girl named Abilene. While her family is traveling by ship, Edward is accidentally thrown overboard, where he reflects on his life with Abilene and how he never returned her affection. Eventually Edward is found and taken home by a fisherman and learns to observe his owners and pick up on their emotion. Many years of accidents lead Edward eventually to the shelf of a doll maker. Through this rough life, Edward learns that the true meaning of life lies with the people you love. After years of missing Abilene, Edward is amazed when she walks into the store, recognizes him, and purchases him for her own young daughter, who Edward loves with enthusiasm and wisdom.