Taylor Harris


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Gail Carson Levine

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Book Review


Stolen from the Bamarre as a baby, Perry grows up as royalty in the Lakti kingdom. However, when a fairy reveals Perry's true identity as a Bamarre along with a command to free her people, her father—who once loved her—seeks to kill her. The people of Bamarre start rebelling in small ways, such as pulling the peas to let the weeds grow. When the Lakti take the Bamarre children and send them into battle, Perry, disguised as old Aunt Nadira, goes to save them. There she meets Tove, her old father, and challenges him to a match in exchange for the Bamarre freedom. They are to duel in Old Lakti, a land ridden with monsters which they and their parties must fight off. Before returning to New Lakti, both Tove and the Lakti king die, making Perry’s adopted Mother queen. She, being a just ruler, frees the people of Bamarre allowing them to leave and reconquer Old Lakti.