Article Title

The First Rule of Punk


Amanda Bishop


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Celia C. Perez, Mexican-American, Punk, Identity, Music, School, Individuality, Friendship

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Book Review


Malú is moving away from her home of Florida to live with her mom in Chicago and leaving behind her record shop-owning, punk rock father. At least Malú has her creativity for making zines to help her navigate the journey. Malú often feels confused about her identity. She refers to her mother as “SuperMexican” because she is always trying to transform rebellious punk Malú into a perfect Mexican señorita. But Malú knows exactly who she wants to be, even if that means she doesn’t always fit into her mom’s vision or how her new classmates will view her. Malú befriends the funky local coffee shop owner’s kid and convinces him to start a punk band with her for the school’s talent show, all behind her mother’s back. But when the school decides that the punk band doesn’t fit in with “classic” Mexican traditions, they decide to throw their own talent show. She impresses her “SuperMexican” mother by integrating classic Mexican ranchera music into punk rock style while discovering her identity and what it means to be punk.