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The California Drought


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Laura Perdew, Drought, California, Endangered Species, Non-Fiction, Water Supply, Recycling, Agriculture, Science, Ecosystems, Wildfires

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Book Review


Droughts afflict California, spawning job loss, agricultural failures, wildfires, endangered species, and disease. Since 2012—the start of the region’s worst drought in 1,200 years—Californians have faced more pressure to control their water usage, including letting their green lawns lapse. However, the weather cannot be controlled, and in recent years, temperatures have risen, less rain has fallen, and less mountain snowpack has accumulated. In short, California’s water supply is not meeting the demand for water, and drought may become a way of life. From farming to local businesses, citizens have reduced usage, but political decisions and scientific discoveries must also contribute. No single solution will resolve the drought in California or globally, but becoming aware of the issue through this book is a start.