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Bad Kitty: Camp Daze


Dependable, Nick Bruel, Primary, Cats, Humor, Graphic Novels, Camping

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Book Review


Kitty doesn’t want Puppy to go to a dogs-only camp without him. Kitty decides to stow away in Puppy’s bag. Upon Kitty’s arrival, the camp director isn’t convinced that Kitty is a dog. After several impressive attempts, Kitty fools the director into thinking that he is a dog. On a camp hike, Kitty runs into trouble. He sniffs catnip and his true identity comes out. The camp director chases after him until the two are lost together. They run straight into a bear! Kitty distracts the bear, allowing himself and the director to run away. When they find the rest of the dogs, the director convinces them of the hero that Kitty is.