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That Bear Can't Babysit


Karen Abbott


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Ruth Quayle, Alison Friend, Babysitting, Babysitter, Behavior, Consequences, Rabbits, Reading, Eating, Playing

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Book Review


When Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit post a request for a baby sitter to watch their seven active bunnies they get only one applicant—a bear! Mrs. Rabbit is a bit uncomfortable leaving her brood in the care of an omnivore, but Mr. Rabbit is worried that they will be late for the party. The little bunnies make all kinds of mischief while in the care of the bear, but Bear is really just letting them learn why there are rules. In the end Bear steps in and by the time the Rabbit parents are home six little bunnies are tucked safely in bed, and number seven is found safely snoozing in a head of lettuce!