Article Title

Strange the Dreamer


Braxton Church


Outstanding, Young Adult, Laini Taylor, Fantasy, Alchemy, Dreams, Demigods, Lost City, Forgiveness, Forgiving, Peace

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Book Review


At age twenty, orphaned Lazlo Strange is the expert on the lost city of Weep—a gift which lets him join the first group of warriors who’ve ventured from the city in over two-hundred years. Evil gods have enslaved the city for the past two centuries, and fifteen years earlier the hero Eril killed the gods and their children, leaving behind a floating citadel shadowing Weep. But five of the god’s children remain, and Sarai, Eril’s own daughter, has the power to enter people’s dreams. When she enters Lazlo’s dreams, the two of them fall in love and search for a way for humans and the godspawn to live in peace. But the people of Weep can’t forgive their enslavement, and the godspawn can’t forgive the slaughter. Before Lazlo and Sarai can find this peace, they learn of Lazlo’s true nature, and both a gift and an accident shift the power to the godspawn and their revenge.