Dependable, Megan McDonald, Peter H. Reynolds, Primary, Intermediate, Performing Arts, Humor

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Book Review


It’s spring break and Stink Moody is attending a Shakespeare camp with his best friend Sophie. Little did he know he’d be the only boy and his enemy Riley Rottenberger would be attending. Stink finds out he gets to learn insults and sword fighting, and that eases his mind. During camp, Riley tells Stink that at the end of the this week he will be getting a big kiss. Stink has to avoid Riley at all costs. He can’t afford getting a kiss—girls have cooties! On the last day of camp Stink knew not getting a kiss would be too good to be true. At the end of his performance in front off all the parents, Stink ran off stage as Riley approached him because this was her last chance to plant one on him. She laughed and laughed and watched as his mother came and gave him a kiss and a hug. This was the kiss that Riley knew was coming all week long.