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Emma Patton


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Sarah Moon, Social Anxiety, Therapy, Music, Single Parent, Grief, Middle School, Reading, Loneliness, Coming-Of-Age

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Book Review


Sparrow does not just have the name of a bird. She has a secret: sometimes, when birds are flying above her, they take her with them. When she was standing on the roof at school, just flying with the birds like usual, everyone thought that she was up there to kill herself. This experience propels her into a new journey—therapy. Once Sparrow returns from the psych ward, she struggles to speak the truth to her mom, and she continues to have trouble making friends. When she tells her therapist about her flights, the birds stop letting her fly with them. She even stops doing her schoolwork, which is what she excels in. Life looks bleak for Sparrow, and she realizes that as she was escaping with the birds, she was distancing herself from every other aspect of life. Eventually, though, by speaking her truth to people who care and discovering her passion for music, Sparrow finds the strength to live real life again, even though it still isn’t easy.