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Staci McCarty


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Simon James, Dinosaur, Step-Dad, Adoption, Family

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Book Review


There once lived a terrifying tyrannosaurus that could crush boulders with his bare claws and pull whole trees out of the ground. No other dinosaur dare bother the tyrannosaurus until one night an abandoned little egg hatched. The baby little dinosaur wandered around lost until he ran into the foot of the tyrannosaurus. Little baby Rex followed the big scary tyrannosaurus around mimicking everything he did. When the Tyrannosaurus said gently that he was not Rex's dad, Rex decided to venture out on his own to discover who he really was. But Rex quickly became scared of the other dinosaurs and the mystery of the night. Lonely and afraid, he finally fell asleep but woke up with a start as the ground was quaking and the jungle shuddered with a deafening roar. Little Rex was so terrified that he cried out for help. The big dinosaur had been searching for Rex all night and did not stop until he was found. The two dinosaurs carried on scaring the other dinosaurs in the jungle. The big dinosaur made sure to teach little Rex all the tips and tricks of ruling the jungle because, “that’s what dads are for.”