Article Title

Ramona Blue


Emma Patton


Outstanding, Young Adult, Julie Murphy, Gay, Lesbian, Graduation, Poverty, College, Swimming, Friendship, Adulthood, Romance

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Book Review


Hurricane Katrina left Ramona’s life in shambles and, twelve years later, she is still trying to put the pieces back together. Her mom moved out and is still emotionally distant. Her dad does everything he can to make ends meet. Her sister is the life of the party, but is slowed down by a surprise pregnancy. Ramona is an openly gay, abnormally tall, blue-haired girl, who thinks she knows exactly who she is and what she will do with her life. But the return of Freddie, her childhood friend, in the summer before her senior year of high school, opens the door to possibilities that she had stopped allowing herself to consider. With Freddie, Ramona starts to believe that she deserves happiness and that she doesn’t have to settle for a life of cleaning up her family’s mistakes. By the end, Ramona realizes that all she has ever done is believe the limits that the world set for her, and it’s time to break free.