Article Title

Outrun the Moon


Emma Patton


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Stacey Lee, Immigration, Natural Disasters, Family, Death, Poverty, Racism, Education, Friendship, Historical Fiction

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Book Review


Mercy Wong is an aspiring businesswoman, but she knows her upbringing in San Francisco’s Chinatown will hold her back unless she can escape. After all, it’s 1906, and, as the daughter of Chinese immigrants, Mercy is limited in how much she can achieve. To gain more opportunities, Mercy sets her sights on attending St. Clare’s School for Girls. The prestigious school only accepts the white and wealthy, but Mercy uses her negotiation skills to obtain a space in the school. The only problem is that she has to lie about her true identity to the other girls. If they knew the truth of her background, they would reject and shun her even more. Just as she starts to make friends and see the possibilities in her future, an earthquake hits the city, destroying the school and her beloved Chinatown. Buildings and social conventions crumble. Mercy and her classmates turn to one another as each of them copes with their grief and survives their new reality in a ruined city.