Article Title

Not After Everything


Meagan Andrus


Excellent, Young Adult, Michelle Levy, Teenager, Romance, High School, Abuse, Family, Suicide, Emotional Trauma, Forgiveness, Healing

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Book Review


Tyler had it all: a football scholarship to Harvard, a great girlfriend, and a star football position. Then the summer before senior year, his mom commits suicide and Tyler is left with nothing. Tyler lives life just going through the motions, avoiding his increasingly abusive father and working constantly to be able to afford food and living necessities that his father refuses to pay for. When Tyler reconnects with Jordyn, an old friend from elementary school and now his coworker, he thinks at first that he will never have anything in common with her black-clad, pessimistic self. However, Jordyn seems to be the only person who will really listen to him without judging or pitying him. She offers him a loving home and family and a second chance at a promising future. Ultimately, it's up to Tyler to decide if he can move on from the events of the past and finally leave his abusive home situation in order to allow himself to live fully for his own future.