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Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, James Crowley, Monsters, Missing Children, Voyages And Travels, Adventure, Adventurers, Grief, Fantasy

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Book Review


Charlie Cooper is grieving for his beloved cousin Billy. On Halloween night, Charlie sees a figure that reminds him of Billy. Charlie follows the figure and is lead along an unfamiliar path deep into a neighboring mountain valley. But when Charlie catches up, he’s shocked to see a hideous vampire. The vampire, known as the Prime Minister, governs a monster sanctuary called Vampyreishtat, or Monsterland. In Monsterland there is an island where lost souls reside and the living can see them again. The Prime Minister says that Charlie can go there to see Billy. Eventually they get to the island and Charlie is reunited with Billy. With his grief dispelled and their mission complete, Charlie returns to his family, leaving behind the strong friendships he made in Monsterland.