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Minnie's Diner- A Multiplying Menu


Erica Sonzogni


Excellent, Dayle Ann Dodds, John Manders, Primary, Picture Book, Multiplication, Math, Mathematics, Rhyme, Farm, Rural

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Book Review


The McFay Family, which includes a father and his five sons, work on a farm. The father gives each of the boys a farm chore, but they easily get distracted by the food smell wafting from Minnie’s Diner. One by one, the youngest to the oldest boy enters Minnie’s Diner to eat her scrumptious food. Each time a new son comes in, he asks the waiter to double the order from the brother prior to him. Will orders one meal, Bill orders two, Phil orders four, and so forth. When the father finds out that all of his sons are missing and the farm chores are not finished, he stomps over to Minnie’s Diner to find them. Instead of arguing with his sons, however, the father is also mesmerized by the food smell and stays for a meal himself.

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