Bailey Ondricek


Excellent, Angela Cervantes, Intermediate, Art, Frida Kahlo, Mystery, Detective, Mexico, Spanish, Friendship, Who-Done-It

Document Type

Book Review


Paloma’s father died when she was only three years old. Almost ten years later, she’s visiting his homeland, Mexico, for the very first time with her mom. Gathering memories about her father on index cards, she collects whatever information she can to solve the mystery of who he was, but this is not the only mystery Paloma will decode this summer. After meeting twins Gale and Lizzy, Paloma is flung into solving a dangerous mystery involving the famous artist Frida Kahlo. Studying the artist’s work and life reveals clues to what may have happened to Frida’s missing jewelry, and also teaches Paloma about her father’s life and culture along the way.