Natalie Hatch


Dependable, Primary, Intermediate, Mark Parisi, Alien, Invasion, Artist, Illustration, Bullies, Family

Document Type

Book Review


Marty is an artist and a noticer. He notices things that others don’t. Like that there’s something wrong with their teacher, Mr. McPhee and he’s making it more a more obvious. This week’s spelling words were: annihilate, protagonist, imminent, absurd, feeble, assumption, deprive, terminate, exasperate, industrious, and wisdom. Worse still, the new girl, Analie. keeps catching him at the worst possible times. Whenever he does something embarrassing, she’s somehow there. Between trying to save the world from an alien invasion that no one believes in and summoning the courage to speak a full sentence to Analie, Marty is also trying to grow into the career he feels he was born for—being an artist. Eventually, Marty finally talks with Analie, but just as he finally gets the courage to talk to her he finds out she is leaving. Yet, through it all, he stays diligent to saving the world and, in the end, his powers of persuasion help him do exactly that.