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Emma Patton


Dependable, Young Adult, Tiffany D. Jackson, Crime, Education, Teen Pregnancy, Mental Illness, Trauma, Justice, Forgiveness, Redemption

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Book Review


Mary Addison killed a baby when she was nine years old. Allegedly. Now fifteen, Mary is out of “baby jail,” but lives in a group home for teenage girls with criminal records. Though she is supposed to have many advocates in her life, none of the professionals assigned to her case seem to care at all. Consequently, Mary lives a cold and tortured life. When she discovers she is pregnant, she knows that she has to find a way to keep the baby to prove to herself and others that she is more than a baby killer. Mary experiences hope like she never has before and plans to find a way to get an education, create a family with her boyfriend and growing child, and finally live in the truth. Opening herself up to her past is painful, but what is even more excruciating is the reality that the people who are supposed to be taking care of her seem content to keep her locked away forever, regardless of whether or not it is right.