Meagan Andrus


Dependable, Leila Sales, Young Adult, Teenager, Racism, Cyber Bullying, Shame Culture, Internet, Rehabilitation, Family, Romance

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Book Review


Winter Halperin is a relatively normal girl with some eccentricities—she won the National Spelling Bee as a child, and her mother is a famous parenting expert. But one night Winter says something online that could be taken as offensive, and her words spread over the Internet rapidly. She is shamed online and in person for being a racist and a horrible person. Winter knows she's not a bad person, but this doesn't stop her from thinking of herself as a monster and becoming afraid of ever sharing her words again. As a last resort, she goes to a rehabilitation clinic for people who have been publicly shamed and disgraced, hoping to get something of her old life back. What she finds is that there's always two sides to a story, people aren't as black and white as they seem, and it is possible to move on from trauma.