Excellent, Lauren Tarshis, Primary, Intermediate, Historical, Weather, Nature, Blizzard, Children, Science, 1800s

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Book Review


This short chapter book follows John Hale in his adventures as a settler in Dakota. Originally from Chicago, his family moved when the government offered land for people to settle and farm. Previous to the move, John had lived in the city. He had to learn how to live life on the plains. John has the usual adventures of a young boy—playing with his friends, chasing his sister, and hunting for King Rattler—a huge rattle snake that lives by the creek. Winter comes earlier than planned, bringing with it a huge blizzard that covers the area in ten feet of snow. Many of the children are trapped in the school, including many of John's friends. John almost dies when he is buried in the snow but is able to survive through luck and the aid of others.