Article Title

Giant Pants


Kayla Packard


Humor, Fantasy, Children's Literature

Document Type

Book Review


“Belbum was a giant. And like most giants, he was good at stomping, napping and losing things. One morning, he lost something very important... HIS PANTS!” Little children are tossed into a magical world of giants, gnomes, and Cyclops; this book will have them bursting with giggles from page one! As Belbum goes from friend to friend looking for his pants, he tries alternatives that don’t quite work out: a too-short toga, too small gnome pants, and even being buck-naked (*there are no pictures of this ). Finally Belbum resorts to having his tailor make a new pair of pants only to come home and find his old pants right where they belong: in the dresser drawer. A fun book with a simple plot, Giant Pants is great for captivating and entertaining young readers.