Emma Patton


Dependable, Francis Hardinge, Intermediate, Young Adult, Education, Spies, Books, Royalty, Secrets, Coming Of Age

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Book Review


Mosca Mye is a twelve-year-old girl with a love for reading, a mischievous streak, and a pet goose. When she sees an opportunity to escape her small town by convincing notorious storyteller and con-man Eponymous Clent to take her on as his secretary, she takes her chance. Clent agrees to let Mosca travel with him in exchange for her freeing him from the stocks. She plans to stick with Clent until she gets to the big city and finds a school that will take her. But, as much as Mosca wants to simply embark on her own journey and fill her mind with knowledge from books, she soon becomes involved in the dizzying complexities of the politics that govern the written word. There are a lot of perspectives, and Mosca doesn’t know whose side she is on, but she does know that the choices she makes and the information she chooses to share could have a lasting impact on her entire society.