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Everything All At Once


Excellent, Young Adult, Katrina Leno, Family, Anxiety Disorders, Death, Grief, Immortality, Magical Realm, Magical Realism, Letters, Secrets, Authors, LGBTQ

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Book Review


When Lottie’s favorite aunt (an author at the popularity level of JK Rowling) dies suddenly of cancer, Lottie is left with an enormous amount of grief. But it turns out that Aunt Helen had a surprise for Lottie that she left in her will—a series of twenty-four letters to help her get through her grief and face her anxiety. The letters contain words of love, dares, assignments, and little or big things for Lottie to do. As Lottie completes the missions with her best friend, younger brother, and a mysterious new boy, she learns more about her aunt, herself, and the natures of life, death, and time. But when the letters reveal an extraordinary secret about her aunt’s past—and the inspiration for the Alvin Hatter series—Lottie finds herself faced with an impossible choice. By the end of this mysterious adventure novel, Lottie makes discoveries about loving, literature, grieving, anxiety, and immortality.

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