Article Title

Eleven and Holding


Margo Isabell


Dependable, Mary Penney, Young Adult, Junior Library, Family, Separation, Absent Parent, Adventure

Document Type

Book Review


Macy’s life is far from simple. She is starting middle school and changing friend groups, and her father is on a special military assignment and has been absent from her life during the recent years. Macy clings to her father’s promise that he will return to her on her twelfth birthday, so she determines to “stay” eleven until his return. One day, Macy and her best friend Twee help a forgetful older lady find her missing dog. This small adventure is a catalyst for an even bigger one as Macy decides to track down her absent father at his “new military assignment.” Their journey to find Macy’s father is also a journey of discovery and truth, as Macy unveils clues about the real reason for her father’s absence in her life.