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Dreamfall #1: Dreamfall


Braxton Church


Dependable, Amy Plum, Young Adult, Science Fiction, Sci-Fi, Dream, Nightmare, Horror, Insomnia, Psychology, Sleep

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Book Review


When an experimental procedure to cure insomnia goes wrong, Cata, Fergus, and five other teenagers are trapped in a world created by their own nightmares. When they wake up in this world they call Dreamfall, none of them remember how they got there. Nightmare after nightmare, the group must fight for survival and discover exactly what’s going on—because if they die in Dreamfall, they will die in reality. Meanwhile, Jaime, an intern working with the project tries to discover what’s happening to the seven patients. In his search he discovers the thing that threatens the patients the most is not the nightmares, but one of the patients themself.