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Meagan Andrus


Excellent, Young Adult, Francisco X. Stork, Mexico, Family, Kidnapping, Sex Trafficking, Siblings, Immigration, Cartel, Drama, Mystery

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Book Review


Siblings Emiliano and Sara are relatively content with their simple lives in Mexico until Sara's best friend disappears one day after work. She is one of many young girls who have gone missing in the city recently, but thanks to the corrupt state police, nothing is happening. Sara, a reporter, attempts to put together clues and hints in order to find her friend and the other girls. Emiliano is trying to grow his business while trying to court the beautiful Perla Rubi. He gets an opportunity to participate in some drug trafficking, but experiences turmoil over the decision. Sara's actions lead to the family being forced to flee Mexico and go to the United States, where their father has been living for the past few years. Ultimately, Sara seeks asylum in the US and it is implied that Emiliano makes contact with his estranged father and goes to live with him.